Because I am always clear and honest with clients during in our initial contact, and will make every effort to ensure that you’re happy, a disagreement is extremely unlikely. Indeed, I can recall having only one dispute during my years as a freelancer. However, as it’s good practice to ensure that the terms and conditions of working together are formally recorded somewhere, here they are. . .


‘You’, in the text below, refers to the client

‘I’ refers to me, Peter Hayward, the supplier


Before starting work, I will provide you with an estimate and a description of the work to be included. Should the scope of work change at any time, resulting in a possible change in cost, I will discuss the matter with you before undertaking any extra work.


Agreement to proceed

If you agree to proceed, I will ask you to confirm via email that you accept the terms of the quote, including the fees.



Provided they do not reflect a fundamental change in the project and are requested within 14 days of receipt of first draft, two rounds of revisions are included in the fee. Further amends may incur extra charges, which I will discuss with you before proceeding. Large-scale rewrites which result from a change in project scope/direction requested by you will incur extra charges. In such cases, a new cost-estimate will be supplied.


Errors and indemnity

While I will make every endeavor to ensure all copy is free of typographical and other errors, you will take full responsibility for the final copy used in any published, or otherwise distributed, form. You will not hold me liable for any infringement of any type, in any country, and you agree to indemnify me against claims for compensation or damages that may arise as a result of using any work I supply. You are responsible for ensuring all statements, promises, claims or guarantees in any copy provided by me are not in contravention of any law in the country of use.   



Following full payment for work supplied, you will become the legal copyright owner of said work. Please note, however, that I reserve the right to use reasonable extracts from any completed project within my portfolio of work, unless confidentiality or non-disclosure has been agreed in writing.


Payment terms

Depending on the type and value of a project, I may ask for an advance payment. This will typically be 25% of project cost. A final invoice for the outstanding balance will accompany the final draft. Payment of this invoice must be within 14 days of receipt. 


Late payment

I reserve the right to charge a 10% late payment fee if payment is not made within 14 days of the final invoice.


Cancelling work

You may cancel work at any time prior to a deposit being made. Once a deposit has been paid, it will not be refunded.


Client satisfaction

As mentioned above, disputes are rare. Please email or call me if you feel there has been a misunderstanding at any stage of our contact, and I will make every effort to rectify the situation.


If you have any questions about my Ts & Cs, please call me on 07881 950 822 or contact me via email.


If you have any questions about how, or if, I can help you, I'll be happy to discuss it with you. Simply call or email me.

TEL: 07881 950822




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