Workin’ 2gether


Today, and especially in my particular field of work, face-to-face meetings are rapidly outgrowing their usefulness. True, there’s still a certain hard-to-define comfort factor in them, but – often – there’s little else of practical value. In the space of just a decade or so, our almost total control of the ether has given us, along with other Life enhancements such as Twitter and 24/7 access to Bid TV, a new, more efficient, way of working. 


And it’s a way of working which I’ve adopted with most of my clients; a way which works well. Of course, there may be times when a physical meeting is either justified by the specifics of the project, or because you simply prefer it. And, in those cases, I’ll be very pleased to meet you. But, if you’re happy to work ‘remotely’, then so am I. Not only does it simplify matters considerably, but – importantly – it keeps costs down for everyone. 


Which brings us neatly to the slightly sordid, but inescapable, question of money. Cash. Greenstuff. Spondeleiros. How much, you’ll inevitably want to know, do I cost? Well, I’d love to be able to tell you that I’m just so passionate about what I do, that I work for love, not money. But it wouldn’t, sadly, be true. For a start, I’m certainly not passionate. Passion is antithetical to rationality; and rationality is a key element in delivering effective writing. Control is essential. And, while I love writing, pragmatism – defined by my mortgage – demands that I do it for money. No, I’m a gun for hire. No other way of putting it. So, I charge. But I like to think I’m affordable by most. For more information see my Dosh page.


If you have any questions about how, or if, I can help you, I'll be happy to discuss it with you. Simply call or email me.

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