It was Eric Cantona* who first observed that the fabric of the universe is fundamentally relativistic. And it’s a truth which intrudes itself into our lives in a million mundane ways, on a daily basis. And nowhere is it more in evidence than on the question – or, more accurately, on the answer to the question – of my charges. It all depends, you see, on our frame of reference. Looked at from your perspective, for example, they’ll be too high. From my perspective on the other hand, they’ll be too low. That much – the dislocation of the client/supplier perspective – is a given: true by definition. What isn’t a given is the size of that dislocation. That’s a horse of a different colour. And that colour isn’t black or white. It’s something in between – a matter for discussion. If you’d like to have that discussion, why not call or email me. I’d be surprised if we couldn’t agree a mutually beneficial arrangement.


* Though it may have been Albert Einstein. I forget.




If you have any questions about how, or if, I can help you, I'll be happy to discuss it with you. Simply call or email me.

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